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Bayo Vista First Baptist Church of Rodeo, CA Celebrates 70 Years (Feb. 1945 - Feb. 2015)

The Bayo Vista First Baptist Church  was organized in February, 1945 in the home of Bro. & Sis. Jenkins,  by Rev. Otis D. Banks (with the assistance of Sis. Lillian Davis).  At that time, the church was called the “Community Church of Rodeo”.  Several years later, the name was changed to Bayo Vista First Baptist of Rodeo, by Rev. O. Banks.

Mother Lillian Davis was instrumental for organizing and developing  Bayo Vista First Baptist Church by gathering the children in the community to attend Sunday School and Bible Study.

Bro. Namon Lewis, Bro. Roosevelt Hawkins, Bro. Cleve Porter and Bro. James Davis, were the first Deacons to be ordained under the leadership of Rev. Banks by Rev. F.W. Watkins of the North Richmond M.B.C.

Rev. Aaron Ward was the first Jr. Deacon of Bayo Vista.  Rev. Aaron Ward later became Pastor of the Starlight Baptist Church in Vallejo, CA.

Rev. Turner followed Rev. O. Banks.  He served well and was dearly loved by Bayo Vista First Baptist.

Rev. T.E. Adams followed Rev. Turner.  He was a good man and was an understanding Pastor for Bayo Vista. He served for a short time and went on to establish other churches, one being Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church in Vallejo, CA.

Rev. Cleve Porter was one of the first ordained Deacons became Minister and Pastor for a short time until the Lord led him to organize the Zion Hill Baptist Church of Rodeo, CA.

Rev. Thomas Anderson followed Rev. Porter.  Rev. Anderson was a wonderful Pastor.  His fame as a Pastor and a Preacher was known all around California.  Rev. Anderson stayed and served until the Lord called him home on August 12, 1966.

Rev. Cooper followed Rev. Anderson.  Rev. Cooper did a wonderful job for the Lord.  He inspired many to accept Jesus Christ.  Many united and were baptized.  One ordained for the Ministry, Rev. E. Ware.  Rev. Ware, the Associated Pastor, worked with the Sunday school and was in charge of the Youth on the Second Sunday of every month.

Rev. Cooper resigned as Pastor the latter part of 1981.  The Church was without a Pastor until Rev. O. Breckenridge came to assist the church until a Pastor was selected in June 1982.

Rev. Lonny L. Davis was selected as Pastor of Bayo Vista First Baptist.  He was installed on July 4, 1982. During his twenty nine year tenure, the longest of all Bayo Vista Pastors, the Lord has blessed Bayo Vista in many ways.

Rev. Davis began at Bayo Vista with the assistance of Dea. James Davis and Dea. Cephus Milton. During his years of service, Rev. Davis ordained five deacons: Dea. Alex Johnson, Dea. James Anderson, Dea. Richard Carroll, Dea. Ronald Coleman and Dea. Kenny Daniel.

Rev. Davis also ordained three Ministers: Min. Derek Milton, Sr.; Min. Joakim Miller and Min. Lumus Russell, III. Three other Preachers have served as Associate Ministers under Rev. Davis, Rev. Anthony Burrus, Rev. Tony Westbrook and the fiery Rev. John Lewis who served twenty six years with Pastor Davis.

Rev. Davis was instrumental in securing ownership of the church property. Under Rev. Davis’ leadership, the men of Bayo Vista renovated the church and completed countless improvement projects. One project was the church’s first cornerstone that memorializes Bayo Vista’s 50th Year Anniversary.

Rev. Davis will be remembered for his Biblical insight, organizational skills and for our Church Theme (Proverb 3:5-6). He resigned as pastor on July 31, 2011 after 29 years.

In December, 2011, Rev. Derek Milton, Sr. was selected as Pastor of Bayo Vista and officially begin in April, 2012. Two Associate Ministers united with the Bayo Vista family, Rev. Rick Alexander in 2012 and Rev. Dwight Mitchell in 2013. Bayo Vista is continuing to strive toward the mark of the high calling.



Tribute to Pastor Emeritus Rev. Lonny L. Davis - December 29, 1930 - March 15, 2014